The 30 skills every woman should know before she turns 30

Good Evening (I’ll just use the time zone around here, ok?)

This morning, after a very short early meditation and my morning updates from some newsletters on my mailbox & Twitter (of course, what’s the speediest source to get the whole ‘what’s going on’ in a few minutes anyway?), I stumbled on this article that a long lost friend tagged me, about 7 years ago. It means, I was 22 by then. Oups, now you know how old I am. It’s ok, ageing is part of nature and what’s natural is beautiful. Am I right?

The things on this list are funny yet clever enough to summarise how actually we handle, well, we should’ve handled life by far, before you get the big 3-O. Time flies, because it was 7 years ago and when I found by accident this article, I’m 4 months to get mine. 🙂

This friend of mine quoted this list from a website called

So here it is:

We’ve talked about places to do it, things to own, and friends to make before turning 30, and since Popular Mechanics has a new list out of skills every man should know, we thought this was the perfect time to talk about the 30 skills every woman should know before she turns 30. Check the list out, after the jump.
1. Hard-boil an egg (Earlier this year, my sister asked me how, but I’ll cut her some slack; she was only 25)
2. Diplomatically tell Mom to butt-out
3. Ace a job interview
4. Ask a man out
5. Send a thoughtful thank you note
6. Listen to a friend in need
7. Ask for help
8. Effectively end an unhealthy relationship (romantic or platonic in nature)
9. Beautifully wrap a gift

10. Say “no” gracefully
11. Whip up a great dinner with the five items in her fridge
12. Forget pleasing him, by 30 a woman should be able to tell her man exactly how to please her
13. Sew a button
14. Mix a kick-ass cocktail
15. Take off her bra without removing her shirt
16. Apply lip gloss in the dark
17. Balance her checkbook
18. Create a budget

19. Find the best deal
20. Negotiate a salary and/or pay raise
21. Read a map
22. Hail a cab
23. Say something in French just for the hell of it
24. Apologize when she’s wrong
25. Dress for her body type
26. Change a flat (or know whom to call to come change it)
27. Spot a fake (handbag, diamond, potential friend …)
28. Feign interest
29. Know what to tip on a $25 dinner bill
30. Hold a baby (Hey, someone you know is bound to have one sooner or later)

*But it’s never too late!

“And the beauty of a woman, with passing years only grows!” – Audrey Hepburn

First-timers in Bali, What to get first?


Since many friends of mine who got to Bali the first time always asked me about any tips or do’s & don’t’s before they arrive, I decided to write this post. I realised that there are many articles or blogs talking about what to do, where to go in Bali, but not many which talk about the very “FIRST THINGS” to get before & when you get here. So let’s!


This is what you have to prepare before you get on the island:

  • Visa

Whether it’s a Tourist Visa, Sosial Budaya Visa, Business Visa or else, just make sure you have it done right. Make sure your flight date would not go pass over your visa expiration date. For Tourist Visa, if  you plan to extend it, check the Indonesian and Balinese holiday such as Nyepi, Galungan, Pagarwesi, and others in order to know when the public services such as immigration office will be closed. Some people paid for the extension just because they didn’t count these days.

  • International Driving License

People drive scooter or motorbike in Bali. If you’ve never been to Asia before, how people drive and the road might get you surprised or shocked in an extreme way. The public transportation is not a common thing here, so whether you want to get taxi everywhere(means you have to pay way more expensive), scooter is the best thing you can have. Get your international driving license validated before getting here.

  • Clothes

Dear first-timers, you won’t need your furry warm winter coat here. Indonesia only has two seasons : dry & rainy. Grab your wind breaker for scootering at night or your warm jacket if you plan to trek on Mount Batur, Batukaru or Agung. If you come on rainy season, you can get the good-quality raincoat on Jl.Imam Bonjol for 100k-150k IDR or you can get something way cheaper but less solid, there are plethora of choices.

  • Itinerary

Many people want to see & know Bali but sadly most of them don’t have enough time to. If you ask me, 2 weeks is minimum length of stay if you want to explore Bali and/or the Gili islands. I recommend you to stay at different area for 2 nights minimum in each. Seminyak, Canggu, Ubud, Amed, Bukit are at least the spots you want to see. Other places such as Munduk, Sidemen, Menjangan, Kintamani, Bedugul, Balian, Lovina are also lovely but you can save them for your next visit since it takes a longer road to get there, not very practical if you don’t have a long holiday.

  • Scooter Rentals

If possible, save the local number of scooter rentals before you get to Bali or contact them before. Many scooter rentals can drop the scooter at the airport, if they can’t, you can ask them to drop it at your hotel and they will pick it up when you leave. Many hotels also offer the scooter rental service, just ask them by email before arriving if they rent scooter as well. Choose Honda brand of scooter, such as Vario F1 or Vario 125. The price is usually between 40 000 – 65 000 IDR/day. You can try to negotiate to get a cheaper price if you rent it for one week or two weeks in a row.


Ok, your plane just landed in Ngurah Rai International Airport:

  • Phone SIM card

After getting your luggage, try to find a booth where they sell phone SIM card. (check if your smartphone is blocked or not before). There are a few good providers in Indonesia, but the widest range today is still Telkomsel. You can ask the shop assistant to fill it with some credits as well. An amount of 25-50k IDR is enough for calling or texting. For the internet, ask them to help you get the internet package also. Take the 2 Gb for a month(it’s easier and cheaper than if you pay weekly), it’s around 80k-90k IDR. The card costs usually from 10k-20k IDR. In total, you may pay around 150k (11-12 USD). Once it’s set up, your smartphone is internet connected, so you can have the GPS or Google for searching address & phone numbers.

  • Scooter

Whether you order your scooter and ask them to drop it at the airport or your hotel, you can now call them or Whatsapp them to let you know that you already arrived at the airport after you did the previous step. 😉

  • Taxi, GoJek, Grab taxi, Uber

If you take the taxi from the airport, do not get surprised if you find the price is overwhelmingly expensive, because IT indeed IS. I usually ordered GoJek (a motorbike taxi) through Apps on smartphone, I’ll talk about this furthermore on another post. Speaking of taxis, the reliable taxi company in Bali is Blue Bird company. They are the only one who use the taxi meter without us asking for it, while other ones, you have to negotiate the price before you’re hopping in. Uber & Grab taxi are also still working around here despite of some locals forbid them to enter certain areas.

Well I think that is all for now. Hopefully it’s helpful and PM me if you have questions.

Here is a list of standard price for a few things in Bali:1

  1. Coconut : from 10 000 IDR -20 000 IDR
  2. Bottle of water : take the brand Aqua or Nestle, the medium(500 ml) is from 2 500 IDR – 5 000 IDR on warung or mini market. In big restaurants you can pay it for 10 000 IDR – 15 000 IDR.
  3. Bintang beer : from 18 000 IDR – 35 000 IDR (small one, price depends on the place you buy it.
  4. Cigarette : 20 000 -25 000 IDR
  5. Gas : there are 2 common type of gas brand, Premium & Pertamax. Premium is cheaper, around 7 500 IDR/lt while Pertamax is 8 500 IDR/lt. Depending on each scooter, but mine for example, I can pay 22 000 – 25 000 IDR to get my tank full. I ride Honda Vario F1. This is the official price if you fill your tank at Pertamina Gas Station. If you buy them on street side(they put it in the used bottle of Vodka most of the time), the price would be a slightly higher.

Well then, enjoy Bali!!!



Revolver Kayu Aya got to low down a bit their pride

Ok, it’s really been a while I do not write any post on my blog and I was left way behind with the 101 challenge of writing during April.

Right now, getting a really good internet connection at Revolver, but not getting a really good impression for the staffs.

Me: Bli, what’s the WiFi password?

Him: cupoflove.

Me, start typing for checking if it’s well connected.

Him: You’re welcome.


Hello…! Can you wait for one sec to me for checking if it’s good and of course I will say that words “THANK YOU”. It is not really appropriate, in my opinion to give such a cheesy attitude, particularly coming from the staff.

My friend: Can we have a seat upstairs? On that sofa on the corner? , pointing on the sofa upstairs.

Staff: Yes, but please understand if the order will come a little bit longer.

Us: What? What does it mean?

Staff: Yes, because it is upstairs so it’s longer.

Another staff: We try to full up the first floor first.

My friend: But there are already 3 persons up there. 

Staff: It’s because they were there already from a few hours ago.

Us: (Giving a weird look at each other and laughed really hard)


We do not intentionally to do some racism alert but dude, you push the limit a bit, don’t you? They said then that that sofa is for 4 persons, and we just sat on another single table, and a few minutes after, a non-Indonesian woman with her 5 years old daughter just sat there and they said nothing.

What I can say is “What a shame, really shame on them”, moreover since it’s coming from local people. How can you get rid of this inappropriate attitude found mostly in touristic places if they do not put any effort to treat people the same way? While we order the same amount of food or beverages.

Please.. Cut down that slave mentality for we are already in 2015. 


Miss Prabundari: A Friend, A ‘no hard feelings’ Lady

This is for the day six assignment on Writing101. The prompt is character building writings, describing whether a real or a fiction portrait of a person. The first person who came to my mind is this friend of mine, Sasti.

Her complete name is Sastikanya Prabundari Puntodewo. The first time we met was in late 2013 at one of gatherings of community that I’ve been involving since 7 years ago. I remember she wore a white lace skirt, sitting on one corner talking to my friend who introduced us with a beer in hands. I always remember first sentences that people gave to a person whom I met. For my boyfriend was : “He’s a real sportive” that I found and understood lately after a few months now we’re together. And for Sasti: “This girl runs!”. That, I found later she is in a community which organise running activities every week and she loves running. Some friends like to tease her “Sasti always runs, running from reality?” but she never take or give hard feelings. Anyway, teasing is a part of Indonesian friendship unwritten rules.

The girl is slender, she’s not the tall one, she’s little and cute, with wavy black hair that now covers already her back. Wearing stripes motif on most of her t-shirts and dresses, I love the ways she chooses her outwear and sometimes we find things in common. Like for example, her casual wear is t-shirt, short pants and flip flop. Driving a mini Karimun blue, she likes to park her car in front of my place and then coming with scooter with the others since sometimes it’s hard to find a parking place in certain public areas in Bali, except the shopping mall of course.

She’s a friend, and not because of it I can say that if I am asked for a pretty girl, I’d say Sasti is one of them. She’s genuinely born with that beauty. Beautiful eyes and lips. She always looks younger. You can tell that she’s 20 when she’s actually way older than that. Maybe that she just never takes or gives hard feelings about anything. Yes, Sasti is the lady of that attitude. She doesn’t say much words, but when she does, whether it’s a smooth sarcasm or an objective view, it would always be a right shot for the one who need to be slapped a bit. The funny thing is, you just can’t get angry, because believe it or not, what she says is true, and yes it hurts because most of the time it’s true.

So this no hard feelings lady continues to be my  good friend and I really hope it would last until we become grannies one day. She wasn’t the one who cuddle you or hug you, because yeah maybe there’s already some others who do that. She gives facts, she gives reality and she’s there when I need tough opinions. One of indispensable kind of fellas to find today, and I’m glad she’s one of mine.



Sasti on the left


April Events & Good Deals: Where & When to Go on The Island


Heyho, fellas!

I’m kind of excited in writing this post since it’s my month. April is the month I was born in, the month where the weather got happier since it’s the beginning of spring in most cold countries. I feel like having a good hunch about this month.

This time I’m going to bring up some enlightenment for those who just got on the island with their backpacks and guide books about to be at the right place at the right time. What is it again? It’s about knowing the special events, the good deals or other interesting information around the corner. So you’re not getting to some place on the wrong day because actually they are making the huge crowd just the day before. You see what I mean?

Again, these are just the information I got whether from my power of SMO (Social Media Optimization) *wink, or just from a word of mouth. You are very much welcome if you have anything else to contribute, I too look for more of these deals.

There are regular events and good deals that have been offered by certain cafe, restaurants and bistros in Bali. I’ll put them first then I’ll go for what’s happening on this month. Let’s check them out! Continue reading

5 Restaurants in Bali with Rice Paddy View Without Getting Yourselves Stuck in The Middle of Nowhere

Soothing View

Soothing View

Heyho Fellas!!

The last time I posted about Nook, the incredibly gorgeous restaurant around Umalas. It gave me ideas to write about this post. In Bali, people tend to seek the serenity element through atmosphere and view of any place they head on. Sea, mountains and rice paddy fields are three things that capture my attention the most on this island. Of course there’s also a price to pay for certain luxury.Like in Paris or some other European during sunny day in autumn or winter, the price of coffee on the terrace can slightly more expensive than having it inside, why? Because the sunshine is a luxury.

Revenons a nos moutons which means getting back to what we were talking about, I am gonna give my 5 favourite restaurants(for now, it can be updated one day, yes), with a pretty view of rice paddy fields, which not gonna rob your wallet out because the price is quite decent and without getting yourselves lost in the middle of nowhere, which means it’s not going to be on the East part around Sidemen or up to the centre or the North until Jatiluwih (which takes at least 2 hours of road trip). Let’s check them out. Continue reading

Digital Detox for The Balinese Silent Day : A Charity Challenge

Some friends for my Digital Detox day

Heyho fellas!

So a few weeks before Nyepi, the Silent day in Bali, I stumbled on this NGO’s website. The website is called Kopernik and like most of the humanitarian associations, they have their very specified missions on combining between philantropy & the nowadays tech. One of their programs is the distribution of solar lantern, water filter & clean cookstoves in remote areas that don’t have access yet to electricity nor supported tech for living. 

For 21th of March, the day of Silence, they popped with a charity challenge project called Digital Detox. People who want to get engaged will have to commit to disconnect themselves from any digital device & internet during a whole day & night. Friends & relatives who are keen to encourage them can sponsor them by giving donations through their fundraising page. The money will help funding the project of Kopernik.

Long story short, I joined the challenge. Well, it’s gonna be no light, no noise during Nyepi, usually without my gadgets, I’ll die out of boredom, since I like watch movies on my laptop, blogging or just geeking on internet. This is why I really consider it as a challenge, but this time I’ll do it as well for a good cause.

Today, Friday 20th of March, a day before my detox starts, I’m just thrilled. Honestly, the last time I really got disconnected from any digital devices was when I participated to a semi-military week program on 2006. (A looooongtime ago). But knowing that there are still kids out there in my own country who read in the dark, families who live in a really modest way, this challenge seems nothing.

This year for Nyepi, I spend it with my two girl friends in a calm villa around Ubud. Will do some sketching, writing(literally), painting & reading(real book. I brought a French book called Comment Voyager avec Un Saumon) for time killing instead of googling, Whatsapping, Facebooking, Pinterest-ing, Tweeting, Picktocrafting or WordPressing. 😁

Well at least I have this quite outstanding view to stare at & skies full of stars at night.

Stunning pool view

Anyway, Happy Nyepi fellas!!

The donations are still welcome until the 31th of March. Check on my fundraising page here:

And the project video link is down here:

Have a great weekend, happy Nyepi to my Balinese fellas & bon courage (good luck) for my friends who commit to their challenge like I do for tomorrow!! 🌻


Nook, a little comfortable corner in Umalas

Bali is crowded everyday. To find a glimpse of tranquility is more and more a challenge on this island. So I’ve heard once or twice that in Umalas, there’s this heavenly-seem restaurant with paddy field view and open air seating without those cars or scooters coughing polluted smokes. The place is called Nook. 

I went there the first time last year at the beginning of June. I fell in love directly to their concept. It is indeed placed at the corner of the crossing streets. With white benches with earth-colored cushions, tropical hardwood decking and paddy field surrounding, I just wanted to spend an afternoon there, drowning myself in books or just getting a quick nap.

Last week I went there again. This time I was curious for their menu on breakfast or brunch session. About 10am I got there. Always the same impression that was blown. They added a little space separated from the main part of restaurant. It is like you have your private tea-time on your own patio. I checked the menu and they do have choices for breakfast. 

I took the Little Nook breakfast that costs 59k IDR (around 4.5 USD) including toast, juice and coffee(which in this case, I took tea). This is what came out from their kitchen.

It was delicious and well portioned. They also have Nutella crepes! Reminding me of some memories of weekend in France.

You’ve still got it Nook. Please don’t change unless for the better. 🌻


Pak Sirkus : Traditional medical practise in Bali


Pak Sirkus the famous healer


Last Christmas, I got a motorbike accident. Nothing’s too serious, just a scratch on one of my knees. Then I felt that it was hard to move my right legs, that my right knee wasn’t too strong to hold my body and I fell down everytime I tried to use my right leg.

I went to the doctor and they said it was just a twisted muscle and I had to continue doing my daily activity normally. After almost a month, I can already walk normally, do stairs everyday at work without the pain I used to have. But at a time I want to run or hurry, I felt that my right knee goes to other directions, that it’s unstable and that’s when the pain comes back.

I told this to some friends and then I heard this name pronounced. Pak Sirkus. In Indonesian, ‘Pak’ means ‘Mr’ and ‘Sirkus’ means ‘Circus’. It is a funny name actually, Mr Circus, but apparantly he has done already incredible help to a lot of people and miracles to certains. He is a healer. Basically he gives massage to people who have injuries due to accidents, sports or other reasons. Somehow for many cases, he healed people in a way that medical things can’t do. It is a traditional way, with a spiritual touch and of course a good grasp of human body. Continue reading